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A historical water

"For around two months, in the evening and in the morning, I drank a water from a spring fourty miles from Rome. It breaks the stone; this water broke mine, and made me urinate most of it. I must make stock for home and not drink or use for cooking any other, so as to keep another life to which I am not accustomed".
(Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1549).

Aqua Thermae

Famous for the excellent quality of its thermal water with diuretic, digestive and cleansing properties, the town of Fiuggi extends down the slopes of the Monti Ernici surrounded by picturesque chestnut forests and Lake Canterno. Built at the beginning of the last century and then completely renovated during the Sixties by architect Moretti, the thermal complex of Fiuggi today has maintained the impressive main entrance of the original Fonte Bonifacio VIII, which made the structure a sort of place of worship not only for the lovers of well-being, but also for those who pay particular attention to artistic and architectural details.


Acqua Fiuggi is a fashionable water recommended by top chefs around the world. Thanks to its unique properties, not only it is a perfect complement to gourmet enthousiasts, but it also helps keeping healthy. Acqua Fiuggi is a highly diuretic and depurative water, thus helping the elimination of nitrogenous residues. Its regular usage prevents the formation of kidney stones mainntaing a clean and healthy urinary system.
Acqua Fiuggi comes in a variety of formats in Glass and PET bottles. It is available in its still natural state as it comes out of the spring, or sparkling through added gas.

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