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Whatever your representation requirements in Brazil, we have adequate resources to acto in place of your business organisation: Sales Representation; Fairs and Exhibitions; Board of Directors; Procurement; etc...


Our import-export services are not limited to custom clerance. We cover a variety of roles depending on your requirements, before, during and after the products passing the border.


Sourcing the right product and/or service at the right price in the right place is no simple task. It is a rather complex activity that requires deep understanding on both the ocal culture and practices as well as the client. We can help you find real sourcing partners in Brazil and the rest of the Mercosur, as well as from Italy and the rest of the European Union.


Our experience in moving goods between Brazil and Europe led us to select the best logistic partners on both side of the Atlantic. Not only we can find the best shipping services, but we can also help you on issues such as stock, deliveries, picking and anything that is necessary in local as well as remote logistics.

Sales Management

We can complement your sales organisation to reach far beyond its geographical limits. Depending on your requirements we can build a sales network of sales representatives, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

Language Management

Language is an issue that require a systematic approach to ensure a successful business. Wherever you expand your business, you may require translations and interpreters during your meetings and correspondence. More iportantly you may require professional translation for your marketing materials, product manuals and business reports. In some cases will require legally certified translations. Tell us about your requiremente and we will propose our matching solution.

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